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About The Company


The Company is composed of two businesses:

Recorded Music and Music Publishing.

Recorded Music -
Our Recorded Music business produces revenue primarily through the marketing, sale, and licensing of recorded music in various physical and digital formats. 


Music Publishing - 

Our Music Publishing business owns and acquires rights to musical compositions, exploits, and markets these compositions, and receives royalties or fees for their use. We publish music across a broad range of musical styles.  

A critical element of our strategy is to produce a steadily increasing flow of new music by finding, developing, and retaining recording artists and songwriters who achieve long-term success.


We expect to enhance the value of our assets by continuing to attract and develop new recording artists and songwriters with staying power and market potential. 


Our A&R teams seek to sign talented recording artists who will generate a meaningful level of revenue and increase the enduring value of our catalogue on an ongoing basis. We also work to identify promising songwriters who write musical compositions that will augment the lasting value and stability of our music publishing catalogue.


We will also continue to evaluate opportunities to add to our catalogue or acquire or make investments in companies engaged in businesses that are similar or complementary to ours on a selective basis.



Bring your music to life at our state-of-the-art recording studio with a range of professional services such as audio engineering, mixing, mastering, songwriting, vocal production, vocal editing and much more.  

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